No one starts a business to go broke.
Running a brewery is expensive. Rent, loans, payroll…
I use digital marketing to increase brewery profits.
So you can live out your dreams.

Craft Beer


When you think about beer, you get passionate. You filter your water and strive to find the perfect grains, hops, and yeast for every recipe. You care about your beer and your customers enjoyment of it.


Do they know that? Do you let them know? Trust me, they care. Let’s get out there and tell ’em! Let’s tell the world (or at least your local area) about your great beer!

Beer is your passion. Marketing is mine. With a good amount of beer after-hours, because it’s good. Why do I mention that? Because, as the proverb goes, when you can do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. You know that because you love what you do. And I love marketing and beer, so I combined them.

I started Huntington Hearst to help local breweries with their craft beer marketing. When you’re ready to get started, Click the button below.

When you click the link, you can set up an appointment with me to talk about your website, marketing, email list, logo, or anything else you want. You can choose phone or Zoom. When it’s time, I’ll contact you in the method you choose. I’ll ask you questions about your brewery, your beers, your customers, your personal vibe, your business vibe, and whatever pops into my head.

It’ll be casual. We’ll just have a conversation. If we’re a good fit, maybe we’ll take it further but it has to be a mutual decision. No hard sell. No sales at all. Just talking.

You have nothing to lose and lots to g(r)ain.

Craft Beer Marketing starts here. Click the link below.

Craft Beer Marketing